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English to Bangla Dictionary Free
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Version: 2.0
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This is a free English to Bangla Dictionary for Android phones. It features both online and offline dictionary.

How to use this dictionary offline:

- http://weaverspark.com/downloads/java/mobile/dictionary/BanglaDictionary.zipDownload word meaning images.
-Extract them in your mobile phones SD card. You may create a directory e2b in your SD card and place all contents of the zip file in that directory. In this case make sure that the directory e2b contains different folders A, B, C etc in it.
-Enable offline use in application settings
-Edit offline data location. Default value for offline data location is set to .weaverspark/e2b. You will need to change this value based on the location where you have extracted word meaning images. If you have extracted the contents in e2b directory then change this value to e2b and save.

For more infomation visit: http://jaywalkable.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/english-bengali-dictionary-v2-0-for-android-phones/


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forhad - 30.08.15
sanju ranbaj from mednipur - 12.05.15
I like e2b d
- 28.03.15
ami download kor6i amar swipe konnect 5.0 te
Ashik - 16.01.15
Down disi but use korini akhono
zaid - 25.12.14
Samoto word ar mana dakhayna
Aik28 - 29.11.14
valo DictionaryOxford
chudna maagi - 24.11.14
tumra lum chiro
- 24.09.14
It is a bed dictionary .so this .
Rajkonna - 2.09.14
Download dis c.akn o sas hoi ni. use kra janabo dictionary ta kmn..
Riajuddin khan - 29.08.14
It is very good dictionary but l can't downlod.
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