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Opera Mini 6 Symbian (*Updated)

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Opera Mini 6 Symbian (*Updated) Symbian App

This is a new update of version OperaMini 6.0 for Symbian.

ew Features: - A fresh new look
Opera Mini 6 sports a new and improved design, including a new skin, and new zoom and jump b*ttons
for easy touch-navigation. - Share
Share links directly to major social network sites as you browse, directly from Opera Mini 6. - YouTube support
Click any Mobile YouTube video to launch it directly on your device s native media player (if available). - Improved zoom for touch screens
Pinch-to-zoom is now supported for multitouch devices. Regular touch devices now zoom with a
double-tap, or with Opera s new zoom b*ttons. - Tailored to Tablets
Weve designed a new user interface especially for tablet users. - Open Link in Background
Read your news uninterrupted and utilize the power of tabs by opening new links in the background. - Better Font Support
Weve been working hard to improve the selection and rendering of Asian fonts, including Thai and Arabic. The difference between the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers:
The Opera Mini browser uses Opera s servers to shake, rattle and roll webpages down to a tenth of their original size before sending them to your phone. Because the data transferred is smaller, pages
arrive faster than the speed of sound. On a pay-as-you-go plan, the Opera Mini browser dramatically
cuts the price you pay, because the data you use is greatly reduced. The Opera Mobile browser gives you the whole of the moon on smartphones and tablets. The strange
magic of HTML5? Check. Full, high fidelity web browsing? Check. Sharing the same Opera Presto
browser engine found in Opera s desktop browser, the Opera Mobile browser is the premier option for fast, powerful browsing when on unlimited Internet data plans or Wi-Fi.

Plz give 5 star and add to favourites.

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  • From: India
  • Phone/Browser: Nokia5228

Shams babar

  • From: Pakistan
  • Phone/Browser: Nokia5233

Very god opps


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