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PES 2012 Official
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When i first downloaded PES 2010 to my mobile phone, i had always enjoy my pes 2010 on my cell phone especially when challenging a friend via bluetooth connection, i latter upgraded to the latest version as of then that was the PES 2011 and now the PES 2012 is out, and i just had to upgrade to that too, so i download PES 2012. The new version of PES 2011 had just a few changes added to it, the PES 2012 game play has been design to look a little much identifiable when choosing a team to play. for example in the EPL league, the latter version use to have West London as Chelsea, North London as a*senal and Man Red as Manchester United.

In the new version, all teams are represented by their real club name and how they are named presently which is easily identifiable. And also the team kits has been properly fashioned to look similar like their real club, players on transfer had also been updated to reflect current changes until the next transfer window commence. PES 2012 is my best soccer game on mobile so far.

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langa matshikiza - 27.02.15
The pes is good but has a thing that it does not play right.
ranim - 23.01.15
Rizwana mai tere ko na cahta hu, ghar aga ns copce me
Azmi - 15.01.15
Cr anjeng macam babi
Boney - 12.01.15
I like meesi
benza - 29.12.14
die ding k*k
Daniel - 26.12.14
I want pes
Pesie - 26.12.14
Its bigger than my screen 8 by 0
Lefte from nigeria - 22.12.14
Nobody can chalenge me wen it comes to pes
kenne nneth489@gmail.com - 19.12.14
D pes here s*cks. Pls do something charming like pes 3D at least n it shud b for all phones
Small - 15.12.14
I want pes
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