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Yamakasi Masters (240x320)
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Parkour is the art of moving through the city in an unconventional way that originated in France. It's movement that, contrary to the assumptions of city planners, makes use of all available elements of the environment. The philosophy of parkour also emphasizes perfecting and strengthening oneself both physically and mentally. As with any extreme sport, we're competing with ourselves. Every time we get past an obstacle we overcome the internal fear and resistance, and thus we become stronger and know ourselves better. It must be noted that it's about harder stunts than just getting over a meter-high fence.

Yamakasi is a real-life group of French daredevils, sometimes called modern samurai. It was founded by Yann Hnautra, Laurent Piemontesi, Chau Belle, Williams Belle, whom you can become in the game. They have been training in the Paris suburbs since around 1997. Today this urban technique can be compared to skateboarding in the 70's or wave surfing in the 60's. Teenagers from around the world practice motion art techniques developed by the Yamakasi. Their legacy is huge and new techniques that can be seen on video websites, are popping up from Warsaw, Mexico City, Seoul to Lisbon.

In the game Yamakasi Masters you become one of the masters of the discipline and you can play in one of 5 different modes:

Training - Learn the controls as well as basic tricks to be better and faster during the Adventure and Challenge!
Adventure - B

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Gamenya kaya kontol !
Ben Tennyson - 21.09.14
My Fevorite Game
tomas - 13.12.12
good game and good movie!
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