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Pokemon Crystal (MeBoy)(Multiscreen)
Pokemon Crystal (MeBoy)(Multiscreen) rating
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sayantan - 1.11.14
boaring game.....i caughat 160 pokemon...but they are boaring...so the game is boaring for me
Pokemon trainer red - 18.10.14
*Facepalms* why so stupid... Meboy does not support any gen after 2 and magikarp evolves into gyarados and missingno. Is harmless unless you care about your hall of fame data for some wierd reas
Adam Cena - 16.03.14
I want pokemon diamond and pearl and pokemon black and white please upload them quick
amata - 27.09.13
great game but... limited suspend or you cannot change your pokemon to offten at poke cntre. the game get stuck cannot play anymore.
LoveLyn - 25.09.13
Please Add Pokemon Emrald ;((
X - 27.06.13
Magikarp can evolutated in gyarados which is so strong.
Suelden - 21.06.13
Ojogo e show este jogo e dinais
anonymous18 - 5.05.13
no sound?? :(
Pacqiao - 30.04.13
all caterpie, noob one hit K.O
Brock Lesner - 30.04.13
Stupid h i caught a magikarp by accident throwing a darn pokeball.
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