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Opera Mini 5.1 Signed Final
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Name: Opera Mini
Version: 5.1
Vendor: Opera Software ASA
Certificate: Yes
The new Opera Mini 6.x versions for Java S40 handsets gives frequent 'Out of memory' errors, frequent crashes, loading page errors etc etc.
Hence, switching back to the most stable and greatest release i.e, Opera Mini 5.1 is the only way left for the users who are experiencing the above errors.
I have searched the internet a lot and finally was able to get the signed version of Opera Mini 5.1.
Instructions on how to use the uploaded file:
Download the uploaded file to your PC and open the file with WinRAR and extract mini.jad & mini.jar from "Opera Mini 5.1 Signed.jar" file and then transfer both the files i.e, mini.jad & mini.jar to your handset to get the signed version of Opera Mini 5.1.
Alternatively you can download the mini.jad & mini.jar from the below links:
http://m.opera.com/Nokia upgrade_fwinstalls/
Zip file (contains JAR & JAD): http://depositfiles.com/files/0npu3p0lk
JAD file: http://depositfiles.com/files/r557ixprh
JAR file: http://depositfiles.com/files/swvouq3iq
The advantage of signed version of Opera Mini is that you will never get anymore annoying popups asking for the application to allow the internet access, annoying popups while downloading files everytime etc etc. Just set the application access settings once and enjoy the popup free Opera Mini 5.1.
Tutorial on how to set application access settings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opOhiT7QcW8
Note: In the above tutorial you also need to change the following settings:
Communication -> Network access -> Always allowed
Communication -> Connectivity -> Always allowed
Data access -> Read user data -> Always allowed
Data access -> Add and edit data -> Always allowed
If you are an Taiwanese Holo, you could try http://m.opera.com/cht from you mobile directly for the signed version of Opera Mini 5.1.
Unsigned version of Opera Mini 5.1:
Download both the files and then transfer them to your mobile.

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Kemmi - 15.05.15
It easy to understand and it wap is sweet
Amman Hussain - 8.03.15
download kyu nahi hota. download fail dikhata hai. kya phaltu.
Puspen Rath - 6.02.15
Nice and perfect :)this the best website to download java apps
- 7.01.15
Fuddt hai download 1%horaha hai phir communication error
izhar ul haq - 5.01.15
Download 1 percent and then failed. Whyyy?
Yogesh verma - 25.12.14
Dowload nehi hota
dhayananth - 19.11.14
sumithra loves to dhayananth sumi i love you
Kamal das - 2.11.14
Opera mini is a very esy wap and its wap very very nice!!
Mantu cr - 1.11.14
Download nehi hota
Md.Irphan - 22.10.14
I like this apps
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