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The Weather midlet is a Java application for mobile devices to check the weather conditions in different locations. Download the new measurement and forecast data any time using the Refresh menu item. There are different views in the Weather midlet and you can change the views with the Up/Down navigation buttons. In the bottom-left corner you'll find the elapsed time from the last data source refresh. It's measured not from the refresh button press on the phone but the refresh of the real computed/measured data on the server. The Autorefresh option makes it possible to refresh the meteorological data automatically in regular intervals.

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Vinod rajoriya - 23.01.15
Whether report don't download
Shivam tiwari - 2.01.15
This is very good app please download it
panget - 8.12.14
pls downloa its but they have a connentor
Prince Adeel Khan Shaikh Sahab - 7.09.14
very nice this app plzzz download this app everybodies...!
deshraj - 16.08.14
nice weather app
Amit Nishad - 8.07.14
aaj // hai to ab mai ye.............
Ritwik - 16.06.14
Nice app
Sho yamada - 15.06.14
Iss gand mare app ko dwnlad zroor krna!
+Ranjan gayen+ - 12.06.14
Nice aaplication
Sahil ror - 3.06.14
This app is realy best
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